Color Vision Tests

Color vision tests are performed to affirm the level of color blindness in a person. These tests help the ophthalmologists to determine a person’s ability to distinguish between different colors. Color vision tests are usually performed as a part of regular eye check up but it is specifically performed on patients who suffer from ocular inflictions or are expected to get inflicted with color blindness in the future. Moreover, color blindness tests are also performed as a part of some job requirements like military, driving and electronics, where color perception is perceived as an important aspect.

During the tests a person is asked to identify sample of patterns like figures or numbers. The test is conducted individually on each eye by closing or covering the other eye. Consultant or ophthalmologist asks the patient to read the letters or numbers on changing pattern boards. The numbers or symbols often tend of blend and it becomes difficult for the patient to differentiate between different color patterns.

Many people abandon the idea of going for the color blind test due to a perception that it involves lots of painful procedures. In fact it is very simple and just requires a person to identify different patterns against colored backgrounds or to identify colors through confusing shapes, numbers and symbol.

People who have a normal vision can easily identify the symbols and colors within microseconds but those with color blindness problems often find it difficult to differentiate the shapes and numbers from the colored background. Their perception of these patterns will be totally different from that of people with regular eyesight.

Color blindness basically means inference in identifying red and green color from the rest of color bank. But its form and cause may vary from person to person. Results of color blindness tests help the ophthalmologist to determine the severity and cause of the condition. Proper results will also aid in determining the mode of treatment.

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